Fall is the Season to Install Hardscapes

Fall is a fantastic time to get the patios, retaining walls, and other hardscape projects completed that you’ve been dreaming of all year long. By definition, a hardscape is “the man-made features used in landscape architecture, e.g. paths or walls, as contrasted with vegetation.” From stone walkways to paver patios, the landscape design ideas for hardscapes are limitless. Here are a few types of common hardscapes:

  • Raised beds
  • Pergolas
  • Built-in seating
  • Fire pits
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Play courts

Why is Autumn a Great Time Install Your Hardscape Project?

At first, it might seem counter-intuitive to complete any major outdoor project during the cooler months. However, there are many reasons that fall is a better time to have a hardscape installed than the spring or summer. Let’s take a look at some.

No Waiting Around

A major advantage of having a hardscape, especially a patio or outdoor kitchen, installed in the fall is that it will be waiting for you in the springtime. Instead of having to wait weeks (depending on the weather) you can start enjoying your beautiful outdoor space as soon as the snow starts to melt and the temperatures warm.

Another advantage is that rainy springs are pretty common in Long Island, which delays project start times.  Autumn tends to be less rainy, which helps your hardscape project come to fruition quicker. Concrete and mortar are sensitive to temperature and weather conditions, and if the forecast calls for cool rainy weather for days, progress on your project gets delayed in the spring.

With the rainy spring season comes mud.  Mud creates havoc both outside and inside of the home.  You can avoid this by proactively installing your hardscape project in the fall.

Enjoy It Now & Avoid Peak Times

Aside from weather constraints, spring and summer are very busy times for landscaping businesses. Between cleanups, planting, general upkeep, and more, we’ve got our work cut out for us. For obvious reasons, business is much slower in the cooler months. Use this to your advantage to get your project started and completed faster instead of waiting weeks, possibly even months, in the spring and summer.

The cooler fall temperatures create the perfect backdrop for your newly installed hardscape, whether it’s a simple patio, fire pit or outdoor kitchen.  Cuddle up with family and friends in your newly installed outdoor space.

Increase Your Property Value

In addition, patios (and hardscapes in general) increase your property’s value. Even if you aren’t planning on selling your house any time soon, they can still help you garner a higher amount for your property when you do.

Curb appeal goes a long way when buyers are searching for a home. Not only will a well maintained lawn and inviting hardscape help your house sell faster, a picturesque yard can increase your home’s value an average of 7%!

Even smaller projects can make a big difference. Flower beds are another quick and easy project as well as tree circles. Not only do they make your lawn look nicer, but it creates less work for you and future homeowners!

How Much Will a Hardscape Cost?

Whether you’re building it for your own enjoyment or to boost your home’s market value, hardscapes can be as simple or intricate as you like. Your budget, of course, will be impacted by the extent of your project and the materials selected. Materials vary as much as hardscapes do; most hardscapes, such as patios and sitting ledges, use concrete, tile, or some kind of stone, including flagstone, limestone, and even river rocks, which are particularly beautiful with their unique shapes and colors.

We are ready to help you plan and install your own hardscape design! Fall is the perfect time of year to get started on a patio, outdoor kitchen, or even a simple, custom fire pit. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. Act now and take advantage of our fall savings offer.