Creative Alternatives to Develop Empty Spaces on Commercial Properties

Perhaps you have an empty bed of mulch on your property that has been there for so long that you don’t even notice it. But your customers, visitors and potential tenants do. Consider installing a green space feature to increase your property value.

Fresh-Air Seating 

Turn an empty and unattractive expanse of mulch into your property’s most popular gathering spot by installing outdoor seating, trees for shade and privacy walls.

Employees, shoppers, diners and tenants will enjoy resting in a defined green space retreat and it will increase your property demand and value.

Playground Paradise

Install a playground to attract young families with more disposable income to your space.  Work with our design to transform your unused area into a play palace that draws tenants to your apartment building or meandering shoppers to your retail center. 

Community Gardens

Community gardens bring people together, attract tenants and provide healthy fresh-grown food. If your neglected bed of mulch is in a sunny spot, it’s the perfect spot to grow a community garden. 

Fire Pits

Transform a wasted space into one of the hottest amenities out there. Fire pits are must-haves these days for condo, apartment and hotel courtyards.

What are the Benefits?

That empty mulch bed is actually costing you money. With no plants to crowd them out, weeds sneak in. If it’s close to your entrance, it makes you look bad.  You’re wasting valuable space that could be filled with amenities that actually attract tenants, customers and potential employees.

Make the Most of Your Outdoor Spaces with Elegant Lawns and Landscaping

You’ll be amazed at how quickly we can transform that neglected mulched area into something really special. We have a growing portfolio of commercial properties.

 Contact us to explore the maintenance, enhancements and design and build options we offer to increase your property’s value.