Be Wary of the Lowball Proposal

Some companies will come in at the absolute lowest price, just to buy your business. These companies most likely won’t be able to deliver because they priced themselves out of the job only to win the bid.

You’re probably familiar with this scenario: For example, four proposals come in around $50,000. Then there’s one proposal for $30,000…  If it seems too good to be true, it most likely is.

Naturally, the low ball company will need to cut some corners in order to actually come in at that price.  Some of the most common corners cut:

  • Fewer mows than contracted
  • Weed management

Once your property falls into disrepair, it will likely cost you more to clean up the mess than it would have if you had gone with a higher offer.  Carefully consider the reality of the scope of services within the maintenance contract proposal and the company’s ability to deliver when awarding your contract.

The Construction Company

This is the company that makes its bread and butter through construction, but decided to do some landscaping on the side to bring in more money.

Since construction is their mainstay, this company will pull all of its labor resources (the crew assigned to your property) to address a larger construction job when necessary. This leaves your property to suffer.

Not only will the overall appearance of your grounds suffer as the crew is not dispatched to your site, but once the crew does resume, corners will be cut to make up for the lost time in an effort to restore the appearance of the grounds.

Furthermore, construction and landscape installation can be straight forward, however landscape maintenance is not.  The construction company may not have the technical knowledge to really maintain your property so it looks its best.  There are skills and nuances that go into delivering an impeccable product, ones that only specialized maintenance companies have.

The High Bid Company

The antithesis to the lowball company is the highball company.

Often these companies care more about their brand status and thus charge more, which they can do because of their perceived prestige (think Chanel). Further and more challenging is that they are not necessarily easy to work with.  From policy to procedural requirements to production manager accessibility, these companies make it difficult to gain access to partnering with them.

The Elegant Lawns and Landscaping Proposal

We are large enough to take care of any request, but our goal is to be your partner.

Our pricing is fair market based.  We look at supply and demand and inflation to gauge the best price for our clients while maintaining our high standard labor policies.  Employees at Elegant Lawns and Landscaping are compensated with a living wage!

Our proposals are clearly detailed step by step and offer clarity of the scope. Production Managers and office support staff readily available to hear and address your questions and concerns – and to expedite the crew to you!

Contact us to learn about the details of a partnership:

  • Proactive Communication Protocols
  • Seamless Transitions
  • Shrub and Plant Care Management
  • Seasonal Color Management